Horse Quilted Leg Wraps White


Comfortable & Durable
Highly absorbent


Size guide Horse Leg Protection-Quilted Leg Wraps

Size A B
Medium 30" 12"
Large 30" 14"

COMFORTABLE & DURABLE: Made of 100% cotton polyester outer and quilted with cotton filling, the leg wraps wear comfortably, protect the legs well as they are bound all around, and won’t slip down or bunch up during application with standing bandages.
CUSHIONS SHOCK: Lined with soft poly cotton that has excellent shock-absorbing ability, these leg wraps are fundamental for cushioning against sudden shocks or external damage.
HIGHLY ABSORBENT: High-quality cotton effectively retains any sort of water medication, facilitates recovery of injured legs faster while allowing healthy airflow.
HIGH PRACTICABILITY: Ideal for after-workout support. These help prevent inflammation on the horse’s legs, which makes them great standing wraps to prevent pressure sores from trailering, in traveling, or at shows.
EASILY APPLIED & MAINTAINED: Easy to apply as you are not wrestling so much bulk. Use with standing bandages for support and to hold in place. Machine washable and quick-drying for repeated use.

Introducing our Comfort Leg Wraps, made of 100% cotton polyester with a soft poly cotton lining for ultimate comfort and durability. These highly absorbent wraps cushion against shocks and promote faster recovery while preventing inflammation, making them perfect for post-workout support. Easy to apply and maintain, they offer excellent practicality for horse owners, providing support and protection with a quick-drying, machine washable design.


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