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Cradle fetlock design


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Shock-Absorbent: The Sports Boots provide all-around, heavy-duty protection for horse’s legs, against impact from its other legs or objects like jumps during strenuous, hard work such as speed events or endurance training.
Draws Away Heat & Moisture: Breathable, heat-resistant & moisture-wicking properties all combined in one set of boots, this performance material draws away heat and moisture around the horse’s legs to ensure maximum wearing comfort.
Cradle Fetlock Design: When fully and properly wrapped in place, these boots form an all-around shield for the horse’s lower legs as they stretch in all four directions, providing the greatest support to the tendons and ligaments under various ground conditions, keeping the horse safe throughout the day.
Reliable Protection: When the boots are wrapped on the horse’s legs and the temperature increases inside, the breathable neoprene allows the heat/sweat to escape, and keeps the horse’s legs from becoming too hot or getting blisters during activities. Note: It is advised that when doing intense work, these boots should be worn for short periods of time.
Fast & Simple Application: Simply place the boot on the leg so it cups the fetlock, and bring your top three hook-and-loop closures around to secure, again, ensuring the reinforcement tails face towards the horse’s tail. The bottom hook-and-loop closure will come up and across the fetlock, providing support and protection to the fetlocks during work.

Introducing our revolutionary sports boots, designed to provide optimal protection and comfort for your horse during intense workouts and competitions. With their shock-absorbent construction and cradle fetlock design, these boots offer reliable support and minimize the risk of impact injuries. The breathable and moisture-wicking materials keep your horse’s legs cool and dry, ensuring maximum performance. Experience the difference with our advanced sports boots and give your horse the competitive edge they deserve.


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