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Hoof Soaking
Durable Material
Secure and Reusable

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Size guide Horse Leg Protection-hoof Soaking Boot

Size A B
One Size 18.5" 12.5"

Beneficial hoof soaking: This soaking boot allows your horse to stand in water and soak a foot or leg to help reduce inflammation and promote healing.
Durable Build: Build of a premium quality PVC material and an enhanced thick foam foot bed for added cushion, this hoof soaking boot is durable and easy to use.
Secure Fit: 3 sturdy straps will make the fitting more precise and provide a secure fit around the hoof, will not fall off even if the horse kicks. The bottom diameter is about 8in, fits most horses?? hoof sizes.
Reusable: This hoof soaking bag is convenient and reusable. It can be washed, stored, and reused. This soaking boot makes a must-have item for your barn.
Fitting: This hoof soaking boot provides a versatile fit for all hooves from draft to donkey. *Make sure your horse is not wearing shoes, or it may rip the hoof soaking bag.

Introducing our Hoof Soaking Boot, designed to provide beneficial soaking for your horse’s hooves. Made with durable PVC material and featuring three sturdy straps for a secure fit, this reusable boot is a must-have for promoting healing and reducing inflammation.


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