Harrison Howard Rider Breeches with Mesh Calf Extra-Breathable Riding Athletic Pants Full-Seat Silicone Adds Grip & Safety,Oval White


Enhanced Breathability & Comfort: Crafted from a premium blend of 80% nylon and 20% spandex, these breeches offer exceptional comfort and stretch. The mesh lining on the calf area enhances airflow, keeping riders cool and comfortable during long rides or in warm weather.

Belt Loop Design: Our belt loops offer a secure, customizable fit for every body type, ensuring your breeches stay perfectly in place even during intense riding sessions. They also add a polished touch, allowing you to accessorize with different belts to enhance your overall riding attire.

Better Fit and Flexibility: The full-seat silicone offers additional grip and support, ensuring better stability and control while riding. The flexible mesh material also allows for greater freedom of movement.

Secure Side Pockets: Deep side pockets provide ample space for essentials like phones, keys, and small riding accessories, keeping them secure and within easy reach.

Versatility: These breeches are suitable for various riding activities, from casual riding to competitive events, making them a versatile choice for female riders seeking both comfort and functionality.

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Elevate your equestrian wardrobe with Harrison Howard’s Equestrian Full Seat Silicone Performance Breeches, designed for riders who seek both style and functionality. Crafted from a superior blend of 80% nylon and 20% spandex, these breeches feature a delicate texture and four-way stretch, ensuring unrestricted movement and a comfortable fit. The fabric is smooth, soft, and breathable, with fine mesh decorations that keep you cool and comfortable even in hot weather.
Our breeches boast exceptional functionality, with fabric that is resistant to acids, alkalis, aging, and fading. Its breathable and lightweight properties make it ideal for riding and various outdoor sports, providing lasting durability and comfort. The full-seat silicone anti-chafing prints are both exquisite and non-slip, enhancing your riding experience with added grip and style.
Designed with fashion in mind, these breeches feature streamlined stitching, reflective logo designs on the pockets, and dual side pockets for convenient storage of your phone, cards, and small items. The waistband can be paired with a belt for a polished look, and the calf area has a mesh design for UV protection and sweat-wicking, making these breeches perfect for summer and warm weather.
Versatile enough for multiple scenarios, the fitted and sleek design makes these breeches suitable for riding training, daily outdoor activities, and casual occasions. Whether you are running, exercising, hiking, or enjoying leisure activities, these breeches offer a blend of athletic and fashionable appeal. Available in various colors, they are simple yet elegant, complementing all skin tones and providing versatile styling options for spring and summer.


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