Ladies Full Seat Gel Riding Tights Ventilative Mesh


Breathable Mesh Fabrics: Keeps riders cool and comfortable, ensuring optimal airflow during rigorous activities and warm weather.

Strategic Silicone Patterns: Offers enhanced saddle grip, boosting confidence and riding performance.

Modern Design: A trendy blend of silicone and mesh that makes a stylish statement both on and off the saddle.

Adaptive Fit: Premium stretch material conforms to the rider’s body, providing a snug yet flexible fit for unrestricted movement.

Durable Construction: Built with reinforced stitching and high-quality materials for lasting wear in demanding equestrian environments.

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levate your riding experience with our Harrison Howard Female Equestrian Rider Breeches, expertly designed with Silicone Patterns and Mesh Fabrics. Meticulously crafted for the discerning equestrian, these breeches bring together the best of functionality and style.

The standout mesh fabrics not only lend a contemporary edge to the design but are pivotal in promoting unparalleled breathability. Whether it’s a strenuous training day or a relaxed trail ride under the sun, the integrated mesh ensures that you remain cool, dry, and comfortable throughout. Complementing this is the strategically placed silicone pattern that guarantees a robust grip on the saddle, allowing riders to focus solely on their performance.

The breeches’ adaptive fit, stemming from its premium stretchable fabric, ensures it hugs the contours of your body gracefully, giving you the confidence to move with ease and grace. And with its reinforced construction, expect nothing less than lasting durability.

Embrace a blend of innovation, style, and comfort with our Female Equestrian Rider Breeches. It’s more than just a riding essential; it’s a statement of sophistication in the equestrian realm.


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