Tendon and Fetlock Boots with Advanced Buckle


Extraordinary protection
Comfortable fit

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Size guide Horse Leg Protection-Tendon & Fetlock Boots

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Front Boot 10" 11"
Hind Boot 7.5" 11"
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EXTRAORDINARY PROTECTION: Open front design allows the horse’s legs to move freely on high-speed activities such as jumping over obstacles and running without restraining the horse??s legs while providing the protection needed.
STURDY & SHOCK-ABSORBING BUILD: Anatomically formed and shaped to ensure a perfect fit for the horse’s legs, these boots are crafted from a combination of tough PU shell and shock-absorbing Neoprene lining to ensure ultimate comfort for the horse and reduce chances of rubbing and chafing – even when worn for long periods.
COMFORTABLE FIT WITH SOFT LINING: These boots are designed to fit snugly and cover all the vital areas, combined with a thickened elastic inner cushion design for a comfortable fit. The soft lining is a smart precaution for absorbing impact against strikes, fast-paced activities like show jumping, endurance, and turnouts, etc., also great for preventing rubbing and soreness.
QUICK TO APPLY, WITHOUT SLIPPING: Closes and tightens with double thickness elastic strap and three quick clip-on buttons for an adjustable fit, providing a quick and convenient way to install/release the boots and stop them slipping, sliding or twisting.
PRACTICAL & PORTABLE, EASY TO CLEAN: A pair of boots that have high practicability, suitable to use daily, easy to carry elsewhere. Easy cleaning process: simply clean with a brush or wipe with a wet cloth and the boots are as good as new again.

Introducing our exceptional sports boots, designed to provide extraordinary protection and comfort for your horse during high-speed activities and demanding competitions. With their open front design, these boots allow unrestricted movement while ensuring the necessary safeguarding. Crafted with a sturdy PU shell and shock-absorbing Neoprene lining, they offer a perfect fit, reducing the risk of rubbing and chafing even during long wear. The soft lining and adjustable straps provide a comfortable and secure fit, while their portable and easy-to-clean design make them a practical choice for any rider. Elevate your horse’s performance and keep them at their best with our reliable and versatile sports boots.


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