Ice Boot for Horse Cool Gel Pack Leg Wrap Red


Cold Therapy
Swelling Reduction
Flexible and Durable

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One Size 16" 17"
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Easy And Fast Cold Therapy: Place in freezer still frozen prior to application.Use in short periods (20-30 min) after intense exercise.This ice boot does freeze pretty solid but it can still be easily applied to the leg.
Treat Soreness And Swelling: Works excellent for targeted pain relief or reducing swelling. Ideal for use after intense exercise for preventative purposes, as well as to help heal soft tissue injuries or other traumas & speed up recovery time.
Flexible & Durable: Ice boot that??s constructed with durability and flexibility. Their 24 ice compartments are reinforced with stitching to prevent tearing. Suitable for long-term use.
Secure Fix in Place: This ice boot has 4 durable and elasticated straps secured with sturdy touch-and-go tapes for a flexible and secure fit with adequate compression. They can be used on both front or hind limbs.
Apply To Most Horse Legs: These ice boots fit most horse legs and measure 17″ tall by 16″ wide.

Experience quick and effective cold therapy with our easy-to-use ice boots. Designed to treat soreness, reduce swelling, and promote faster recovery, these flexible and durable boots provide targeted relief for your horse’s legs.


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