Premium Shipping Boots Black


Reliable Protection: These boots offer exceptional safety for horses during transportation in trailers. They are designed to prevent injuries that may occur from impacts with the vehicle or barriers due to the horse’s movements.
High-Quality Fabric: Crafted from ultra-thick 1680D double-strand PVC fabric, these boots are not only striking in appearance with their attractive colors and smooth finish but also remarkably durable.
Reflective Edging: A reflective trim is added along the middle portion of the boots, enhancing safety and making it easier to locate your horse in low-light conditions.
Convenient Touch-Closure Straps with Reflective Tape: The boots feature a wide, ten-centimeter touch tapes for secure fitting, complemented by reflective tape edging for better visibility and support. This design ensures ease of use when putting on or taking off the boots.
Enhanced Padding and Durable Base: Extra thick padding provides superior leg protection during transport, while the leather material at the base adds support and increases wear resistance.


Experience unparalleled protection and durability with Harrison Howard’s Horse Shipping Boots, meticulously designed for safe and comfortable horse transportation. The boots are crafted from high-grade, ultra-thick 1680D PVC fabric, boasting an attractive color and a robust build to withstand the rigors of travel.
The reflective trim ensures your horse is easily visible, even in dim environments, adding an extra layer of safety during transportation. The boots are user-friendly, equipped with wide touch-closure straps enhanced with reflective tape for easy application and removal, while providing a snug and secure fit.
The interior is lined with thick padding for maximum protection against bumps and bruises, complemented by a tough leather base for added support and longevity. Whether for short trips or long journeys, these boots are an essential accessory for any horse owner seeking the ultimate blend of protection, durability, and convenience.




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