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Durable and breathable Neoprene pastern wraps provide superior shock absorption and protection for your horse’s sensitive skin, ensuring comfort and safety during rides and workouts.

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Size Guide Horse Leg Protection-Overreach Boots-Pastern Wraps

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DURABLE, SHOCK-ABSORBENT, BREATHABLE FABRIC: Manufactured from a high-density Neoprene that??s naturally shock-absorbent and breathable, this wrap sits comfortably around the horse’s vulnerable pastern area, also comes with an outstanding durable feature that guarantees long-term wear without causing any discomfort.
IMPACT PROTECTION, NO HINDERING MOVEMENTS: Offers an extra layer of protection for the horse’s sensitive skin during riding. Designed to give additional protection to the pastern from injuries and impacts that regular horse boots don’t cover. The build of the wrap is sturdy enough to give support during turn-out, riding, or workouts but without hindering any leg movement .
EFFORTLESS PUTTING ON/TAKEN OFF: Easy-to-apply hook-and-loop closures keep the pastern wraps around the hoof, keeping it low to the ground around the bottom of the bulb. Once applied properly, the wrap stays securely in place.
EASY TO WASH & QUICK TO DRY: Machine washable on a gentle cycle, this wrap can withhold many washings (DO NOT tumble dry). Its high breathability feature helps shorten the time for drying, thus saving time and effort for maintenance, more time to enjoy with your horse or pony. Note: DO NOT leave boots in strong sunlight.
MULTIPLE COLOUR OPTIONS: 4 attractive colours to choose from to complete the horse??s look: Navy Blue, Coffee Brown, Charcoal Grey, and Mars Black, also a wonderful gift idea for putting a smile on your horse-loving friend??s face.

Made from durable and breathable Neoprene, these pastern wraps provide excellent shock absorption and protection for your horse’s sensitive skin. With easy-to-use hook-and-loop closures, they stay securely in place without restricting movement. They are also easy to wash and quick to dry, making maintenance a breeze. Choose from a range of attractive colors to complete your horse’s look. A perfect gift for any horse enthusiast.


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