Horse Splint Boots Dream Star


Prevents Sudden Impact
Easy to Use
Contoured Fit

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Size guide Horse Leg Protection-Splint Boots

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One Size 12.5" 11.5"
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Prevents Sudden Impact: Hugely beneficial for horses with brushing issues. Helps prevent injury during fast work such as jumping, when in training, such as when longeing, or in competitions such as reining or eventing.
Easy to Use: A wrap-around design complemented with three sturdy touch tapes for easy application on the horse??s legs.
Fit Well: Contoured shape fits the horse??s leg perfectly. Note: Make sure to measure your horse??s leg circumference based on our sizing chart.
Stay on: These boots attach by three sturdy and self-engaging hook and loop fasteners which are pulled around the leg, pushed through the D-ring buckles and be fastened back upon themselves, making them more secure and less likely to slip during fast work.
Flexible: Easy to put on and take off as the easily hookable Neoprene surface allows for easy adjustments and better flexibility during activities. A flexible and high-value set of boots to have at the stables or for other various disciplines. Comes in 6 vibrant colors (one with print): Piano Black, Scarlet Red, Aquamarine, Regal Purple, Mint, and Dream Star.

Experience optimal protection and comfort with our innovative horse boots. Designed to prevent sudden impact and ensure a contoured fit, these easy-to-use boots are a must-have for any equestrian discipline.


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