Horse Stretch Hood with Zipper & Prints Vivid Stars


Stretch mane protector
Full coverage
Comfortable fit


Size Guide Hoods & Guards-Horse Stretchy Head with Zipper

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This stretch mane protector covers the horse??s head and neck completely down to the chest and shoulder and protects the forelock and mane.
The stretch material provides outstanding flexibility and freedom along with a perfect fit. It stretches easily to fit the horse??s body without impairing ease of movement, thus staying securely right where it??s supposed to.
With a soft fleece trim around the nose for added protection. The Hood is comfortable to wear without chafing or pressure.
Cut generously and protects like a second skin. A clever, high-quality zip closure ensures easy on and off. You??ll save time and provide your horse with utmost comfort, with the certainty that he??s protected from head to shoulders.
This mane protector is cut like a vest in the shoulder area for comfort and so that it can be put on and taken off easily. The adjustable girth can be closed with little effort and can be individually adapted to the horse??s body. The girth keeps the hood from sliding forwards. It also ensures that this stretchy mane protector sits correctly and stays where it should for longer periods.

The stretch mane protector offers full coverage and protection for the horse’s head, neck, forelock, and mane, providing a comfortable fit and ease of movement. With a soft fleece trim and adjustable girth, it ensures a secure and comfortable fit, allowing your horse to stay protected and comfortable for extended periods.


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