Roper Cinch

Stay stylish and comfortable in the saddle with these fashionable and functional riding breeches. Made from high-quality materials, they offer a perfect fit and excellent grip, ensuring a confident and enjoyable ride.

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Classic braided cinch: Made with cotton blend ropes for optimum comfort and outstanding durability. Soft enough for even the most sensitive horses. Size dimensions: Rope cinch measures 7.5inches wide at widest section and 1.5inches at narrowest.
Natural & comfortable: The soft and natural cotton fabric flexes and stretches with your horse??s natural movement. Thanks to cotton??s natural tensile property, it??s nearly impossible to cinch them too tight.
Handwoven: Double-weave roper cinch. Hand woven unique color pattern with a vintage style and design. Soft cotton fabric touches the skin comfortably without causing any discomfort.
Rope cinch with rugged stainless steel hardware for safe attachment and durable uses as it is both heavy-duty and rust-free. Roller buckle helps make cinching easier.
Care instructions: Brush carefully with a soft brush to help remove dirt & loose hair, and hose wash. OR, hand wash by socking the cinch in water and add a little bit of your horse??s shampoo and rinse clean. Hang to dry out of direct Sun, with plenty of air circulation. (Note: Do Not Wash in a Machine! This will damage the Cinch/Girth in many ways.)

Experience optimal comfort and durability with this classic braided cinch made from soft cotton blend ropes. Handwoven with a unique vintage design, it features rugged stainless steel hardware for secure attachment and easy cinching.


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