Round Hole Slow Feeding Hay Bag Blue


  • Large Capacity
  • Round Opening
  • Sturdy Hooks
  • Coated Outer

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Size Guide Hay Nets & Bags-Round Hole Slow Feeding Hay Bag Blue

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  • LARGE CAPACITY TO HOLD HAY: Easy to fill with an extra-large opening at the top, this hay bag can easily hold two average-size flakes of hay, saving time and effort to refill over and over.
  • ROUND-OPENING CONTROLS FEEDING SPEED: A round opening designed on the side to make the hay easily accessible for horses, also a slow feed design that helps reduce wastage significantly.
  • STURDY HOOKS FOR SOLID HANGING: Metal rings on the top opening, making sure that this bag is hung neatly and tightly for convenient use; used together with a hanging strap for more flexibility.
  • NICELY COATED OUTER: Made of a heavy-duty coated material that is hard-wearing and long-lasting, with its high strength and good tenacity, this hay bag ensures a long service life.
  • GOOD FOR STABLE MANAGEMENT: A hay bag is essential to have as it helps to keep stables, trailers and lorries tidied up by reducing messes; it also makes hay preparation a joy instead of a dreaded chore with ordinary hay nets.

Effortlessly manage your horse’s feeding with this large capacity hay bag featuring a round opening for controlled feeding, sturdy hooks for secure hanging, and a durable coated outer that ensures long-lasting performance. Simplify stable management and enjoy hassle-free hay preparation with this essential accessory for tidiness and convenience.


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