Horse Ear Plugs set of 4 2.5″ Elegant Grey


  • Lightweight & Premium Quality
  • Muffling of Sound
  • Soft, Comfy & Skin-friendly

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  • LIGHTWEIGHT WITH PREMIUM QUALITY: High-quality fur will not chafe the horse??s sensitive inner ear, a useful aid that helps improve comfort and focus during training without distraction.
  • MAXIMIZE MUFFLING OF SOUND: Attractive design protects your horse’s sensitive ears from wind, water, and debris, more importantly, aids in comforting your horse by muffling the scary noises such as clipping, bathing, trail riding, showing, and shooting.
  • SOFT, COMFY & SKIN-FRIENDLY: Made of non-irritating fur with a soft foam core for a comfortable fit in the ear canal, skin-friendly fur that doesn??t irritate the horse??s ears, adding a calming effect.
  • ANTI-STATIC & NO FALLING OF FUR: Designed to help improve comfort and focus while adding a relaxing effect to the horse, the premium-quality fur has a relaxing effect on horses, its anti-static feature ensures comfortable wear, no falling-off of the fur to downgrade the quality.
  • CONFORMS TO FIT & RETURNS TO SHAPE: High-quality fur will not chafe the sensitive inner ear, the earplugs are easily shaped to the horse??s ears for unsurpassed comfort and fit, and the fluffy fur easily returns to its original shape when removed.

Experience superior comfort and maximum noise reduction with these premium earplugs for horses. Made of soft and skin-friendly fur, they provide a calming effect and effectively muffle sounds, making them ideal for training and protecting your horse’s sensitive ears.


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