Horse Groomer Sponge Lime

  • Magic cleaning
  • Absorbent
  • Daurable

Size Guide Grooming & Care-Cleaning Sponges

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  • CLEANS LIKE MAGIC: Swipes dirt off with no dust clouds, cleans any unwanted markings, buffs hoof walls, erases sweat marks, and other than being clean, the sponge can also improve healthier skin as it helps stimulate natural oil too!
  • EFFICIENT & DURABLE: An efficient grooming sponge for all daily cleaning. Durable materials are not easy to tear and wear out even after numerous uses.
  • HIGHLY WATER ABSORBENT: Designed to have strong water absorption, contains rich foam when coming into contact with water and body wash. Delicate and will not hurt the surface.
  • SOFT TEXTURED, EASY-TO-GRASP: Flexible scrubber to have in your grooming kit. Made of dense foam that has a similar texture to honeycomb, super-absorbent, safe, and scratch-free on any surface. Vacuum packed & expandable to a user-friendly size once the packing is removed. It is easy to grasp, will not cause any difficulty or inconvenience.
  • SIMPLE CLEANING & STORAGE: Rinse them well after each use and place them in a mesh bag or rack to air dry.

Magic cleaning sponge that effortlessly removes dirt, markings, and sweat marks while stimulating healthier skin. Highly absorbent, durable, and easy-to-grasp, making grooming a breeze. Simple to clean and store for long-lasting use.


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