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DENSE & NON-SLIP OUTER: Made of a dense, lightweight & slip-proof material to ensure safe use when put under the saddle, yet soft enough to protect the under-side of the saddle.
MEMORY FOAM PAD: Inner is filled with high quality gel-foam that has a high degree of ‘memory’ function, making sure that the pad always bounces back to its original place.
NATURAL SHOCK ABSORPTION: Designed with the pressure being evenly distributed on the foam, the pad is able to absorb impacts during riding to protect both horse’s withers and rider.
BREATHABLE INTERIOR: Quality breathable inner fabric pulls heat and moisture away from the horse’s pad, which ensures drier comfort on the horse’s back even during heavy turnouts.
SUPERIOR DURABILITY: Extremely durable and yields long-lasting, memorable performance. This combination ensures a steady and firm position between nut and saddle cover.

Our saddle pad is designed with functionality and comfort in mind. The dense and non-slip outer material ensures a secure fit under the saddle while protecting its underside. The memory foam pad provides excellent shock absorption, evenly distributing pressure and protecting both the horse’s withers and the rider. With a breathable interior fabric, heat and moisture are pulled away from the horse’s back, ensuring a dry and comfortable ride. The pad is built to last, offering superior durability and a steady position between the nut and saddle cover.


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