Harrison Howard Stretch Vest Anti Rub Bib Wither Shoulder Guard Horse Chest Saver Protector Red


Protective vest
Stretch fabric
Chafing prevention


Size Guide Hoods & Guards-Stretch Shoulder


Protective vest made of stretch fabric for a comfortable fit. Its material is fine and soft to prevent chafing. It can be used for a variety of purposes on any horse, including to help with the healing of wounds.
Heat insulating yet breathable to prevent excess perspiration. Moisture is wicked away from the skin.
This vest protects all areas susceptible to chafing including the withers, chest and shoulders.
The shoulder guard is an elastic girth fastened near the girth via hook-and-loop fasteners. This ensures an optimal positioning and hold so that the guard won??t slide forward.
Tips for washing: This protective vest is machine washable. It comes with an additional protective cover for the hook-and-loop closure-free, as a small gift from us. Before placing the chest protector in the washing machine, cover the hook-and-loop closure area with the protective cover. This ensures that the closure will hold up to many washings.

This protective vest is designed with stretch fabric for a comfortable and secure fit, providing effective protection and preventing chafing. Its heat-insulating and breathable properties help maintain optimal moisture balance for your horse’s comfort. The shoulder guard features a secure elastic girth and hook-and-loop fasteners for a precise fit, ensuring it stays in place during use. Easy to clean, this machine-washable vest comes with a bonus protective cover for the hook-and-loop closure area, ensuring its durability even after multiple washings.


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