Nose Net Nose Filter Silver


Protect your horse from allergies, UV rays, and airborne irritants with this fine mesh nose filter that offers comfortable and breathable relief.

Pony (Small)
Cob (Medium)

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Small (S) 22cm 24cm
Medium (M) 25cm 29cm
Large (L) 29cm 34cm
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Reduces Head-Shaking: Great for horses with allergies, head-shaking, or respiratory problems. Having this nose filter on the muzzle and your horse is protected from the airborne particles, pollen flying into the nostrils and causing discomfort. All the things that cause head-shaking should be a bother no more!
Protection from UV & Pollen: The fine mesh blocks out harmful UV rays and it filters out a certain degree of pollen transmission, dust, and other airborne particles. It also keeps the proximity to the nose clean.
Fine & Breathable Mesh: Made of reinforced and translucent fine mesh that ensures long-term use, it allows natural airflow so that horse’s breathing is not affected.
Convenient Attachment: Easily and conveniently attached to the bridle/head collar by touch-and-go closures and adjust it to the most fitting position.
Care Instructions: Rinse the net in cold water after each use, or hand wash it in warm water. Or machine washable at 30 degrees, please be noted: do NOT spin dry to avoid tear of mesh. Comes as a pack of 2.

Protect and provide relief for horses with allergies and respiratory issues with this nose filter that blocks UV rays and filters out pollen and airborne particles. The fine and breathable mesh ensures long-term use while allowing natural airflow, and it conveniently attaches to the bridle or head collar for easy use.


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