EquiCurve Fly Boots set of 4 Black


These durable and breathable horse fly boots provide protection from summer elements, a comfortable fit, and adjustable closure for optimal comfort and performance.


Size guide Fly Boots-EquiCurve

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Small 6" 12"
Medium 7" 13"
Large 8" 14"
X-Large 9" 16"
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Reduce Annoying Stomp: Durable PVC mesh forms a sturdy shield against summer elements that bothers your horse, hugely beneficial for horses that have stomp issues. These boots are perfect for use in a pasture setting.
RELIABLE LEG GUARD: These boots shield both front and rear legs, a special contoured shape hugs your horse??s coronet for a comfortable fit. The boot fully allows heat and sweat to escape and prevents the legs from sweating and chafing.
FREE OF RUBBING: Built with sewn-in fleece edges for added protection on the horse??s leg, minimizing the change of his leg getting rubs.
HOOK & LOOP CLOSURES: Sturdy hook and loop closures provide an adjustable fit to adapt to your horse’s individual conformation, which provides support and protection during exercise and training.
VARIETY OF COLOURS: Works like a charm when sent as a nice heart-warming gift for any of your equestrian friends, get all prepared before the real summer hits! Color choice of 9: Classic Black, Silver Grey, Deep Blue, Magenta, Vibrant Orange, Mint, Sky Blue, Purple, and Original Grey.

Introducing our reliable and durable horse fly boots, designed to reduce annoying stomping and provide optimal leg protection during the summer season. The sturdy PVC mesh construction forms a sturdy shield against summer elements, while the contoured shape and sewn-in fleece edges ensure a comfortable fit and minimize rubbing. The hook and loop closures offer an adjustable fit, providing support and protection during exercise and training. Available in a variety of vibrant colors, these boots make a perfect gift for your equestrian friends and ensure your horse is prepared for the upcoming summer.


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