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The UV-proof, highly ventilated fine mesh protects your horse??s legs from the bottom of the knee to the coronet band from getting too much sun exposure and allows smooth airflow around the lower legs in the heat of summer.
Reduce stressful and continuous stomping, leading to joint pain, hoof damage, and muscle fatigue. Soft, comfortable elastic trimmed with fleece at the top and bottom keeps the boot stay in place while stopping any dirt, flying particles, or pollen from getting inside the boots and causing discomfort around your horse??s legs.
Stay-up built-in nylon: A sturdy nylon built-in stay in each boot keeps the leg wrap upright and prevents sliding down when worn for longer periods of time.
Sturdy full-length touch-and-go tape closes down the cannon bone for a secure fit over the leg and eliminates the chance of it slipping even during exercises.
Easy maintenance: Pop in the wash or gently spray down with water, quick-drying for repeated uses in the stall or out on the pasture. One size only. 3 color options: Silver, Purple, and Black.

Protect your horse’s legs from sun exposure and ensure optimal airflow with these UV-proof and highly ventilated fly boots. Designed to reduce stress and stomping, these boots feature a secure fit and built-in stay for ultimate comfort and durability.


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