Horse Grooming Brushes Kit 9 pieces with Organizer Tote Red


FULL SET SOOTHING GROOMING KIT: This horse grooming set offers all the essential brushes and accessories you need, with a range of brushes for grooming from head to tail, and hooves for all the care and attention they need, making your grooming a lot more complete.
MADE FROM QUALITY MATERIALS: The grooming brushes are designed to last longer and to efficiently remove caked mud or dirt off the horse’s skin. These brushes can stimulate better blood circulation on the skin, which helps produce natural oils and a shiny coat.
BAG HOLDER SUITABLE FOR DAILY USE: The brushes come with a foldable bag that’s both durable and highly practical for everyday grooming activities. It can be used as a water bucket as it’s fully waterproof – put some water in, and give the brushes a quick rinse when needed. You will find its worth.
FULL SET KIT: Thoughtfully put together a grooming set kit covering every horse care tool you need, all in one kit!
IDEAL GIFT FOR A HORSE LOVING FRIEND: This set of brushes is great for horse lovers and beginner riders who care for their four-legged friends. Maintaining proper hygiene of the horse helps build a nice and strong bond with the horse in the process.

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  • The Harrison Howard 9-piece horse grooming kit is a comprehensive set designed for thorough and soothing care of horses. It includes a full range of brushes and accessories necessary for grooming from head to tail and hooves, ensuring complete attention to every part of the horse. The grooming brushes are made from high-quality materials, ensuring durability and effectiveness in removing dirt or mud from the horse’s skin. These brushes also stimulate blood circulation, promoting the production of natural oils for a shiny coat.

    Additionally, the kit comes with a versatile and foldable bag suitable for daily use. This bag is durable and doubles as a water bucket due to its waterproof design, making it convenient for rinsing brushes during grooming sessions. The kit is thoughtfully assembled to cover every essential horse care tool, making it an all-in-one solution for horse grooming.

    This grooming set is an ideal gift for horse lovers and beginner riders. It not only aids in maintaining the horse’s hygiene but also helps strengthen the bond between the horse and its caretaker through regular grooming sessions.


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