Horse Play Ball


Heavy-Duty Construction: Our horse play ball and cover combos are crafted from robust fabric that stands up to spirited play. The materials are specifically chosen for their durability, resistance to wear and tear, guaranteeing lasting fun and activity for your equine friend.

Equestrian-Themed Designs: Choose from a wide selection of designs, including classic equestrian patterns and lively, fun motifs. These unique designs add a personal touch to your horse’s playtime, enhancing their environment with style.

Vibrant Color Choices: With options ranging from dual to tricolor schemes, our horse play balls are designed to catch your horse’s eye and keep them engaged. The vibrant colors offer visual stimulation, making playtime more exciting.

Convenience in Maintenance: Our playball covers are engineered for easy application and removal from standard horse playballs, ensuring a fuss-free experience. The ease of cleaning helps maintain both the aesthetic appeal and the hygiene of your horse’s play equipment.

Interactive Play Enhancement: The combination of our horse play ball and tailored cover significantly enriches your horse’s playtime. This duo brings an extra layer of fun and stimulation, promoting physical exercise and mental engagement.


The Harrison Howard Horse Play Ball and Ball Cover Combo set is the perfect addition to your horse’s playtime collection.

Designed with both durability and style in mind, this set includes a heavy-duty play ball and a matching cover available in various equestrian-themed designs and vibrant colors. The materials used are selected for their ability to withstand the enthusiastic play of horses, ensuring longevity and continuous enjoyment. Easy to install and clean, these combos not only provide hassle-free maintenance but also enhance the appearance of your horse’s play area.

More importantly, they serve to keep your horse entertained, active, and mentally stimulated with an added element of excitement. Elevate your horse’s playtime experience with our thoughtfully designed combo set, promising a blend of fun, functionality, and flair.




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