Neoprene Overreach Boots with Fleece Trim Black


  • Shock-absorbing
  • Support boots
  • Neoprene

Size guide Horse Leg Protection-Neoprene OverreachBoots

Size A B C
Medium 9" 17" 4"
Large 10" 18" 4"
Extra-Large 11" 18" 5"
  • SHOCK ABSORBING BUILD WITH FLEECE TRIMMING: Provide all-around, extraordinary protection and comfort for the horse??s hoof, cornet band, and bulbs of the heel. Shock-absorbing neoprene with extra thick fleece trimming protects critical areas of the foot against impact from overstretching while minimizing rubbing on the horse??s legs.
  • SUPPORT BOOTS FOR ULTIMATE PERFORMANCE: Double-stitching around the edges is for added durability of the boots to take all the shock/impact that comes from daily riding. Ideal texture offers the right amount of needed support when used with orthopedic products, which stimulates better performance with maximum protection without sacrificing its normal functions.
  • NON-ROTATING REINFORCEMENT: Precise design of the ergonomic shape ensures that the bell boots sit firmly in place without spinning, reinforced with one sturdy hook-and-loop closure to offer a form-fitting near the bottom of the foot. The whole piece of neoprene can be easily hooked on, super secure, and stable as there is no chance of slipping off.
  • CORRECT SIZE FITTING: Designed to be a contoured fit, the bottom rim barely touches the ground behind the bulbs of the heel while the horse stands on level ground. The mouth of the boot is just loose enough to fit a finger or two between it and the horse??s pastern for maximum comfort.
  • SECURE APPLICATION, EASY MAINTENANCE: One sturdy hook-and-loop closure helps the boot stay in place. Easy to clean, recyclable use for busy riders. Multiple color options: Mars Black, Deep Navy, Charcoal Grey, and Coffee Brown.

Protect and support your horse’s hooves with these shock-absorbing support boots. Made with durable neoprene and fleece trimming, they provide maximum comfort and protection during daily riding, while the non-rotating reinforcement ensures a secure and stable fit.


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