Nylon Shoulder Guard Grey


Premium saddle pad for ultimate comfort and protection.


Size Guide Hoods & Guards-Nylon


FIT & SUPPORT: Protection for withers, chest and shoulders. Polyester webbing edging ensures both a softer fit to horse and increased support for mane area
ROBUST FABRIC: Made of anti-static and wear-resistant nylon material to ensure long-term use
HEARTY EXTRA-FLEECE: With a soft fleece trim added on shoulders and withers for protection against rubs
TARGETED DESIGN FOR USE: A barrier between rug and horse, prevents friction sores, chaffs and hair loss caused by rug wear
ULTIMATE AID TO RUG: A layer light and silky as a second skin provides outstanding freedom along with a perfect fit under rug

Introducing our innovative and supportive Rug Guard! Designed to provide maximum fit and support, it offers protection for your horse’s withers, chest, and shoulders. Made from robust and wear-resistant nylon material, it ensures long-lasting durability. The added soft fleece trim on the shoulders and withers provides extra comfort and protection against rubs. With its targeted design, it acts as a barrier between the rug and the horse, preventing friction sores, chaffs, and hair loss. This lightweight and silky layer acts as a second skin, offering exceptional freedom of movement and a perfect fit under the rug. Upgrade your horse’s comfort and well-being with our Rug Guard today!


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