Horse Halter Fleece Cover Set 9 Pieces Navy


  • Comfort
  • Protection
  • Quick-grip fasteners

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  • EXCEPTIONAL COMFORT: Made of premium quality synthetic sheepskin that provides your horse with extra softness, comfort, and protection against chafing, sores, and irritation on the crown, cheeks, nose, and neck. Ideal for trailer riding or sensitive horses.
  • 9-PIECE FLEECE SET: A complete set including crown*1, noseband*1, cheek piece*2, chin piece*2, and neck piece*3 to provide horses with all-around protection for their sensitive faces. Softness level they will happily accept. Equip your horse with this set and he is rub-free!
  • INJURY PREVENTION: Efficient protection from sores, rubs, irritation, uncomfortable pressure, and more. Soft padding is ideal for cushioning and protecting against sores and chafing.
  • QUICK GRIP-ON FITTING: Reliable attachment, equipped with sturdy and easy-to-apply quick-grip fasteners to ensure a snug and soft fitting over the horse??s face.
  • EASY MAINTENANCE: Machine wash in cold water on a gentle cycle. Use only leather/wool-approved detergents. Air drying will help fluff up the sheepskin. . Vibrant colors: Brown, Grey, Beige, and Pink to match with your horse??s unique look. Note: Leather Halter Not Included (display purpose only).

Made of premium synthetic sheepskin, this 9-piece fleece set provides exceptional comfort and protection for your horse’s sensitive face during trailer rides or sensitive activities. It prevents sores, rubs, and irritation, while the quick-grip fasteners ensure a secure and soft fit. Available in various vibrant colors to match your horse’s style.


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