Horse Belly Surcingle Straps


  • Highly elastic and adjustable replacement belly surcingle straps
  • Convenient solution for missing or damaged belly straps on horse blankets
  • Effortless cleaning and maintenance
  • Compatible with most horse blankets

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Size Guide Horse Apparel-Replacement Straps-Horse Belly Surcingle Straps

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  • ADJUSTABLE LENGTH WITH FLEXIBILITY: Fully/half-way adjustable leg straps give the right amount of flexibility needed, makes for a perfect replacement for leg straps that went missing or damaged, saving the cost of getting a new blanket.
  • HIGH ELASTICITY: The elastic whole/half-way leg strap allows flexible adjustment as needed, decent elasticity won??t cause over tightness on the legs when the horse is on the move.
  • HEAVY-DUTY SWIVEL SNAPS: Heavy-duty swivel snaps on both ends ensure long-term use, and a nice fitting to your existing horse rug??s D ring.
  • DURABLE DOUBLE STITCHING: Stitching at every stress point is reinforced to give sturdy support when the metal parts are being adjusted.
  • EFFORTLESS MAINTENANCE: Machine washable, dries real quick, a handy spare part to have in the tack room. Black only. One standard size fits most horse rugs/sheets. Sold by pair.

The Harrison Howard Essential Replacement Belly Surcingle Straps are highly elastic and adjustable, serving as a convenient replacement for missing or damaged belly straps on horse blankets. They feature heavy-duty swivel snaps and durable double stitching for secure attachment. The elastic straps provide flexibility without over-tightening during movement. Cleaning is effortless, and the straps maintain their original look. These straps are a practical addition to your tack room, saving you the cost of purchasing a new blanket.


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