4 Knot Side Pull Rope Halter with Rings 6


Crafted from lightweight and durable polypropylene rope, this training halter provides optimal control and comfort for your horse during training sessions.

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Fine Material with Delicate Hand Craft: This Rope Halter with Rings is made of 5/16″ polypropylene rope and hand-tied. Easy for the rider to hold.
Specially Designed with Rings: The O-rings added in the side knots are used as an aid for cross-tying or riding in a rope halter and are compatible with any regular lead. There are 2 rings which you can attach reins to.
More and Steady Control: 4 strategically placed knots on the noseband are great for exerting more control during training.
Lightweight & Sturdy: Tied from a strong and lightweight rope, this rope halter gives your horse just the right fit for optimum comfort and performance.
Soft and Pliable: The strong rope with little stretch allows the halter to exert just enough force without biting into your horse when under pressure.

Crafted from fine polypropylene rope and hand-tied with delicate precision, this Rope Halter with Rings offers steady control and lightweight comfort. Specially designed with O-rings and strategic knots, it provides versatility and optimal performance during training. Its soft and pliable nature ensures gentle pressure without discomfort for your horse.


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