FlowFit Fly Leggins with Wool Edging Purple


Horsefly protection
Breathable mesh
Secure fit


Size guide Fly Boots-FlowFit

Size Length(in) Circumference(bottom) Circumference(Top)
Mini 6.1" 8.3" 9.9"
Pony 9.3" 10.8" 11.8"
Yearling 12.2" 12.8" 15.1"
Small 13.2" 13.2" 17.1"
Medium 14" 14" 18.1"
Large 15" 15" 19.3"
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Reduce Annoying Stomp: Durable PVC fabric shields your horse from harsh UV-Rays, horseflies and other summer nuisances, which further greatly reduces annoying stomp. Perfect for use in a pasture setting.
High Air Breathability: Sturdy yet breathable mesh material allows for smooth airflow, ensuring that there won’t be any overheating around the horse’s legs, keeping your horse stay cool and shaded. Also perfect for horses with abrasions and wounds in legs.
Plush Fleece Trim: Soft, plush fleece trim provides extra protection and coziness around the horse’s legs. Meanwhile, the wool edging prevents particles or debris from getting into the boots and ensures that no sores are made on the horse??s legs.
Non-Slip Security: Supported by built-in nylon stay to prevent slipping and shifting during activity. We also add four tight-gripping fasteners to hold the boot firmly in place, making it ideal for long-term use.
Easy Care: Durable and easy-to-clean materials make maintenance a breeze, ensuring lasting protection and comfort. Color choices of Signature Blue, Orange, Original Grey and Purple.

Protect your horse’s legs from harsh UV rays, horseflies, and annoying stomping with these durable PVC fly boots. The breathable mesh design and plush fleece trim provide comfort and prevent overheating, while the non-slip security ensures a secure fit during activities.With easy care and a range of color options, these boots offer lasting protection and style for your horse.


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